Distinguishing Intelligence from Intellect: A Way of Bettering Oneself

Surpassing the limitations of human intellect and tapping into endless wisdom 1 Melbourne, Australia – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Intellect vs. Intelligence by Santosh Nambiar Founder of Life a Meditation and a registered meditation teacher, Santosh Nambiar talks about the difference between one’s intellect and the shared expansive intelligence of the world in his latest book, In Between thoughts. In the book, Nambiar explains how humans cripple themselves with self-imposed limitations—of how human intellect operates against the wisdom of the universe. The author asserts that emotions such as fear, anger, stress, and anxiety are mere traps that the mind has created for itself.

Santosh Nambiar Pens New Guide to Living a Life Void of Fear and Anger

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 06, 2013 ‘A New Way of Living’ details simple steps to a life of love, joy and compassion. “Human beings have never made proper use of the brain,” author Santosh Nambiar believes. “Instead, we have used it to store past experiences stored in the brain as memory through the form of thought.” With Nambiar’s new book, “A New Way of Living: One simple step to a life without fear” (published by Balboa Press), readers will uncover keys to observing their mindsto improve their lives. Nambiar wonders if humans must continue along the same path, allowing past memories and experiences to control their thoughts and behaviors. “Is there a way to set aside the previo

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