Returning to our primordial state…

I was on my regular evening walk yesterday when my eyes caught the attention of a rather attractive looking, what seemed like a packet. I picked it up and realised it was a cigarette packet. The packet although attractive it had a horrifying picture of the damaged lungs due to cigarette smoking and a warning which says - 'smoking can kill'. The person who had consumed this whole packet conveniently chose to ignore the WARNING/REMINDER/POINTER. Our lungs and other organs are nothing but a bundle of tissues which are formed of several million cells. The organs have a threshold that can withstand some amount of damage from the cigarette, but a day comes when the organ gives up and and says "I c

Why were you unmindful?

Our own mind that is heavily conditioned takes us through various vicious cycles. One such cycle is the Desire -> Attachment -> Fear -> Stress & Anxiety -> Dis-ease -> Deterioration. We may know this well, yet we do not have a control over it. Let us say you have a reasonably good car that transports you to wherever you want to go. Your friend or a colleague just bought a fancy looking expensive car with all the bells and whistles. Now, there is this instant Desire. "I wish I had that car”. This desire is quite natural. Hang on. Let’s; see what happens next... Unbeknownst to you, your conditioned mind latches on to this desire. See what happens next. The desire has become a dire need o

Seek…We all do don’t we?

Seek, we all do, don't we? Some seek power, some money and lots of it, for some it's things after things and for some others it's spirituality. There is nothing wrong with seeking. However if the seeking comes from that mind conceived you may be frustrated and disappointed. Perhaps why we feel INCOMPLETE even after seeking and acheving things after things in life, we never feel COMPLETE. Do we? There is just that one more thing I need to achieve and then I will be complete. Does this ever end? This goes on like cat and mouse game. does it not? In order to get some kind of freedom from this vicious cycle of constant seeking It's is very important to know who is the SEEKER in you? Look careful

Strange are the ways of the mind…

Strange are the ways of our own mind, isn't it? Why do we all wake up in the morning? We force ourselves to wake up, is it not? We have no choice, we need to earn that dollar to pay our bills, pay our mortgage, pay for the bells and whistles including that fancy new car or the luxury boat that we (our Mind) have acquired. Therefore, we have to force ourselves to wake up from bed. We are mostly doing a job that we loathe. We have to, in order to get that dollar. Our passion in life may be something different. For Now, we don't have time for that. We need to earn that dollar to pay for the things. Come to think of it, the whole thing looks like a rat on a circular wheel try

Why has this simple truth eluded us?

The so called ‘truth’ about our own primordial state, our innateness or our state of being or shall I say the state of being in the Present has eluded us and continue to do so. Why? Many have spoken about this ‘truth’ in the past. Many continue to write about it even today. Therefore this is not New stuff. There are numerous number of books in the bookstore describing about it. We have read them all. Yet in real life we are unable to put it to practice. We are unable to live in the Present. We are not comfortable living in the Present. Our mind is always wandering into the past or into the future which creates a lot of unwanted anxiety, stress, anger and fear. Our mind that has been heavily

Why don’t they change?

Have you noticed that there is always an urge/desire to correct others and change the world? A feeling of - Why don't they get it?. They need to change. I am right and everyone else is wrong, therefore, they need to change. We go about trying to change others, trying to teach others. There is not an iota of doubt that the change. may have to happen to us as an Individual from within. There are 2 kinds of Knowing: First is pretty much mind conceived, acquired from books, scriptures, from what others have said and perhaps from our own experience in life which is all stored away in our brain in the form of memory. This mind conceived knowing/knowledge may be limited and at best intellectual. A

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