why is there so much confusion and lack of clarity?

We all are confronted with various challenges in life, aren't we? Let us not call it a challenge, but life situations, You may be stuck in a job that you don't like. You want to move on...but something is holding you back. You are unable to pursue your passion. You are unable to take that bold decision for fear of the conseqences ahead. There is fear, confusion, anxiety and frustration. Challenges, like these that confront us are many. Often we struggle with it. We do not know the path forward. We do not know the apt decision to make. We are confused. Should I or Should I not? We ask our friends, our colleagues, our parents for suggestions. These suggestions make us all the more confused.

like the unconditional love mothers have for their children...

I picked up the phone over the weekend and called my mother who now lives in the USA with my sister. The first thing she asked me was, "What's wrong? You seem to be not feeling well". I thought to myself - How did she know? It was not a strange coincidence. Every time I fell ill or if I was down with something she always knew. Although we live several miles away she always knew when something was not going right with me. A mother knows... Whereas for the children to know their mother may take a life time. In our frantic effort to enhance our own sense of self, in our dash to achieve name, fame and material goods and caught up in our own race against time we tend to ignore her and take her fo

Returning back to our primordial state can happen only NOW...

I was on my regular evening walk yesterday when my eyes caught the attention of a rather attractive looking, what seemed like a packet. I picked it up and realised it was a cigarette packet. The packet although attractive it had a horrifying picture of the damaged lungs due to cigarette smoking and a warning which says - 'smoking can kill'. The person who had consumed this whole packet conveniently chose to ignore the WARNING/REMINDER/POINTER. Our lungs and other organs are nothing but a bundle of tissues which are formed of several million cells. The organs have a threshold that can withstand some amount of damage from the cigarette, but a day comes when the organ gives up and and says "I c

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