Be aware of that corrupted software...

I bought a laptop around 16 months ago. Brand New, it was then, hardware felt robust and the software raring to go, ready to take on my command. Just the last few weeks I noticed it was playing up. Slow, confused, unresponsive and often crashing. The hardware has also been making strange noise these days. Perhaps it has taken on more data that it can hold and have been subjected a lot of virus and innumerable spam mails during the past 16 months. The software is corrupted and indeed it's Struggling.. Come to think of it, We humans are none too dissimilar. When we are born our brain is NEW, uncluttered and creative. During our upbringing we download the corrupted software what I call o

This morning you are upset...

This morning you are upset, rather, Angry. Upset about something that your workmate, your boss, your friend, your partner or someone in the tram/train had said or did, which you took exception to. You are unable to get over it. You are holding on to it and this is spoiling your otherwise, fantastic day. Think about it, What had really happened? Your friend, your boss, your workmate or your partner said or did something which you did not like. Come to the crux of it. What did they really do? They exposed one of your deep rooted mind created layers of CONDITIONING. As a matter of fact they did a favour by exposing that conditioning for you. Unbeknownst, we all have taken on several layers of

Your conditioned mind is like a burglar...

Your conditioned mind is like a burglar waiting to break into your house. If your house is well lit the burglar will stay away. Likewise, if you are the light of awareness, in other words, when you are very attentive, alert, conscious, mindful, the conditioned mind will stay away... The conditioned mind ( the burglar) is always waiting to invade you ( your house). Be that light of awareness. How can one be that awareness? Use any pointer... to bring you back to awareness ( presence). Like for example, the moment you ask a question, What am I thinking? At that moment you have come back to awareness. You have come back from thinking about the past or future to the PRESENT. In the presence ( PR

when ever you are struggling...

It's always a struggle, isn't it? Trying to open a can of baked beans or a can of beetroot for your sandwich in the morning. We all struggle with it, It's as if we are having a big fight with the can. Why is it so? Perhaps, we are reducing the action (action of opening the can) to just a mechanical action. In other words, while opening the can our mind is filled with thoughts, thoughts of the past and that of the future. You may be thinking... thinking about the meeting that you have lined up for the day, traffic on the freeway, or being late to the office and so on... Our mind is consumed with thoughts after thoughts and you areunmindful/ unaware of the action that you are carrying out When

Observe that thought...

I was angry today, I felt miserable, I felt stressed, I felt lonely, I felt fearful, I was anxious... Why were you so? Perhaps you were unaware, unconscious unmindful and not in the PRESENT, therefore you did not catch that thought which made you angry, miserable, stressed, fearful or anxious and so on... Had you been more alert, more attentive, mindful, conscious you would not have allowed that thought to overpower you and act through you. would you? After a few moments of being angry which caused harm to your loved ones with your deed or words, you would have felt like - you shouldn't have been angry. Now you feel guilty. Have you observed that? This is a mind movement too. A trick playe

Living in the moment.

You must have heard stories about people who have won medals at the olympics. What separates them from the remaining? Perhaps, their sheer Determination, Devotion, Dedication and Discipline. ( what I call the 4Ds) While we all are asleep they are already awake and practicing. Every moment of their life there is only one thing in their mind. They succeed, succeed big time. Practicing to be in the PRESENCE, generally known as, -living in the moment, requires all the 4 Ds. -Determination, Devotion, Dedication and Discipline. We require constant reminder ( Pointer) to come back to the PRESENT moment from either the Past or the future to which we hold on to so fondly. It's so easy for us to fa

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