No better moment than this...

There is no other moment better than this moment. Our mind would like to think so otherwise. Our ( conditioned) mind gives us a feeling that the next moment is a better moment, hence there is an urge and expectation about the next moment. We therefore reduce this moment to a stepping stone to next moment.Thus we tend to live in the future ignoring this PRESENT moment, only moment that there is. Likewise, the thing that you are doing in this moment is the most important thing that there is and the person that you are with NOW is the most important person. If you take care of this moment the next moment will take care of itself. we have NOW begun to live in the moment, what we call living in t

Thoughts after thoughts...

We have often heard people say that they don't have enough time in the day, they are too busy even to say hello to their loved ones. Believe it or not, there are on an average approx 60 -70 thoughts happening in our head per minute. That is far too many. approx 70 - 80,000 thoughts per day. Unbeknownst we are constantly acting and reacting to those 60 thoughts per minute and approx 80,000 thoughts per day. Sure enough we will be busy, tired and worn out. However if you observe carefully 90% of those 60 thoughts per minute are unwanted, futile, past or future thoughts which cause anxiety, stress, fear etc.. If you are very attentive to those 60 thoughts and be aware of those unwanted past or

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