Acceptance of what is..

I was slowly opening a bunch of snail mails the other day when a mail from the civic compliance was trying to grab my attention. My heart skipped a beat. There we go again, another speeding ticket. This time clocked 45 KM in a 40KM Zone, a whopping $190. My initial reaction was, why why is it happening to me. I felt the anger overtaking me, felt uneasy and a bit anxious. $190 could get me couple of nice shirts, pay my bills or perhaps a dinner or two for the family. Suddenly something dawned on me. I began to observe my own conditioned behaviour, observed the mixed emotions, and the anxiety. I began to accept my mistake. Now I felt bit more relaxed. Come to think of it I was driving fast and

Switching off the unawareness gene

Many who have known me for several years often ask me, How have you chosen the path of Meditation? I do not have a clear answer to this question. However the word "Meditation" conjures up several meaning. For some it may be spirituality, peace etc. However I tend not to use this word. Like everyone else I was born as that innocent, unconditioned, uncorrupted aware being. During my upbringing, unbeknownst, I have been conditioned. In biological terms the awareness genes got switched off and the un-awareness gene switched on and dominated. However I began questioning my conditioning, my likes, dislikes, my behaviour and the mechanical/mediocre responses arising from that un-awareness. Just a s

You are that awareness..

When the constant mind chatter ( conditioned thoughts ) in our head comes to an end, a space of silence prevails . A space in which there are no more ( conditioned) thoughts. This space within us recognize the vast space without ( or on the outside). This is the point of dis-identification with the physical body. We are that vast spaciousness otherwise known as awareness. Our ( conditioned) thoughts thus far have eclipsed this reality. Unawareness therefore becomes our inherent nature. Unawareness gives rise to confusion, chaos, struggle, anxiety stress and so on condemning ourselves to a mechanical or mediocre life. In that space of silence we are that awareness, the vast space in which eve

Can the incessant conditioned thought activity in your head come to an end?

Truth, the so called reality which we have eluded for so long is simple. However our mind complicates it. It doesn't like anything simple. Truth is not new, it has been ( and will be) all around us for time immemorial. When you are ready you will pave the way for it to emerge in you. If you are struggling in life, know that, you have moved away from home. It's time to get back home. You are already that enlightened being now covered by several layers of conditioning. Conditioning is nothing but your acquired limited knowledge, experiences, likes and dislikes, opinions, preconceived ideas that you have acquired during your upbringing ( of the past) stored in the form of memory emanating in y

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