Realization/Awareness can be so subtle...

Realization, awareness can be so subtle. If one is expecting a miracle or divine intervention one may be disappointed. The so called realization may be so subtle that we even fail to notice this change in our daily life situations. The other day I received a phone call from someone who had come to my workshop ( Life a Meditation) over the weekend. He narrated to me an incident which happened just after the workshop when he was driving back home. He was following the speed limit and driving happily when he heard the honking from behind. The driver behind him seemed uneasy and wanted to get to some place in a hurry. At one stage the driver behind him kept honking, looked at him with disgust

My Home sweet home - My primordial state of being...

My home sweet home. I have wandered far away from my home. I must have left home several years ago that I don't even have a distant memory of my home now. I want to get back to my sweet home. I do not know how to get back. I am confused and I am lost. Now I seek a consultant, Guru or try to learn techniques like meditation to get back to my own home? Isn't this an irony? I seem like a puppet on a string with my own mind manipulating me. My own ( conditioned) mind dictating to me, telling me what to do and what not to do. I have been obedient, acting and reacting to those several thoughts. Sometimes it says 'take this way and sometime that'... and this has caused lot of confusion and gr

Does 'thing(s)' exist outside of us for real? Or is it an illusion?

Ilusions, there are as many as 2 that are keeping us trapped and preventing us from seeing/ realizing the actual/ reality. For one, we don't know for sure if any 'thing' does exist outside of us. We see many forms around us. How do we perceive them? An image of these physical forms ( say a table) falls on to our retina which then sends the signals to the brain with the help of complex network of neurons, the brain then goes back into the memory ( data bank) of the many forms and names stored from the past to finally retrieve a name for the physical form, that we perceive, in this particular case, 'This is a table'. Is this not how we perceive things all around us? We see various physical for

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