What Happens when we die?

We are all intrigued by this question, aren't' we? Our body grows and will live as long as we provide it with good nutrients and environment to live and and like all other organism will one day perish and join the elements. I think the more pertinent question may be what happens when we live? Why do we live with so much anger, fear, anxiety, stress, hurt and jealousy? Where did that come from? As a child we were a bundle of Joy. So we must have inherited this during our upbringing. Most probably from our parents and our surrounding? Where did they get it from? Perhaps from their parents? It looks like this conditioning, or shall we say ignorance has been passed on from generation after gene

Our life so transient like the water droplet on a slippery lotus leaf..

When I woke up this morning I felt so grateful that I was alive to see this beautiful day. But hang on, Can I say that I am alive to see the 'day'. Anything can happen any moment, can it not? My breath could stop any moment and my form dissolved any moment. Perhaps I can say I was alive and breathing at the moment. Therefore I am so grateful to this moment, I thought to myself. Like a tiny water droplet moving around in the gentle breeze on a slippery lotus leaf which can fall back on to the riverbed below any moment our life is so fragile and transient yet we hold on to it as if it's permanent. At least our mind thinks that our life on this earth is permanent and therefore tomorrow is impo

You are that pure boundless energy..

There is just this pure boundless universal energy. All manifested beings including plants, animals and everything on this universe has realized this except for mankind. Why hasn't mankind realized this? Is it because he considers himself to be above all? A feeling of I am invincible - which we call ego, arrogance which are all mind conceived? There is this realization in children. There is so much joy, glow and energy radiating from a young child. However as we grow up we edge out this awareness. We edge out this pure energy. We say "we can handle it from now on. I don't need you". The bundle of joy now is a bundle of sorrow and sadness. Some do stumble on it in some phase of thier life,

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