I am ordinary, but I have the power to be extraordinary..

I am ordinary, generally mind dominated, has anger, fear, stress and so on.., However I have the power to become extraordinary. If I have the power to become extraordinary everyone of you have this power too. How can I be that extraordinary? The moment my conditioned mind is silent, in other words when I don't identify with my conditioned mind I am already extraordinary. What happens when I am extraordinary? I pave the way for an unlimited profound knowing to happen in me. If you allow this to happen in you by not identifying with your mind you become that extraordinary in that moment. (It doesn't take time, happens instantly).However If you continue to remain ordinary the profound knowing m

Death - The greatest fear of all !

We fear Death Don't we? We try to get away from it, escape from it. Even to write or think about death is No! No!. However rather than running away from it if you ask yourself a question what is death? you may have an answer or an insight into the dreadful thing that we call Death. What does death tell you? It says, "I want you alone. I want none of your possessions - materialistic and non- materialistic". However you have a problem.You are attached to everything - your belongings, your possessions, your materilaisitc thning, your bank balance, your memory, your friends, relatives and loved ones. It seems to me that the death is not so much the problem, it is the attachment to everything i

Who is this driver driving you around in life?

Who is that someone in your head who is constantly giving commentary about your life - How you should and shouldn't live, What you should and shouldn't do? Is he giving you the right advice? He has an opinion about everything, doesn't he? You may perhaps want to acknowledge someone for their achievement. You really want to, Look, who is preventing you from doing that? You may want to forgive someone, say sorry, to someone, Look, who is preventing you from doing it? Why is he restricting you from reaching out? Is he protecting you? Is he separating you from others? creating a barrier between you and others around you? Does he instill fear in you? Is he limiting your ability to function f

When your mind activity ceases..

I'ts always been a challange for me to find apt words to describe the feeling in our physical being when the incessant thought activity in our head slows down and comes to a standstill ( In other words) when you no longer are dictated by your own mind. Yes, we all know that this feeling is indescribable. Knowing fully that it is is indescribable one can make an attempt to describe it. However it ( description) is not it. It may come close but can never be it. Some may expect miracle to happen when the mind activity slows or even better ceases. This expectation is also a mind activity. For some, as Paul Borenstein described in his blog which I happened to read, it may be a feeling like ever

You are just a permanent witness to the coming and going.

I was at the Central Railway station in Melbourne on Friday evening waiting to catch a train home. For a brief moment I looked around me with all my attention. I witnessed constant flux of people all around me. Some boarding the train and some alighting. People coming and going in a flash. The person who was sitting beside me vanished and someone new taking that position. Trains coming and going in the wink of an eye and the multitude of people constantly on the move. When my train finally arrived I found a place to sit. Even on the train I observed people sitting beside me gone and replaced by someone new. Everything seemed so transient. Indeed everything is, isn't it? All forms comes an

Pointers to the the Truth - Who you truly are:

You can teach someone maths, Physics and Biology. Can you teach someone the truth? The truth - who you truly are? If I say I can teach you the truth I am either ignorant or at the best arrogant. Of course, there are several pointers or directions to the so called truth.. These pointers are every where and they were there several centuries ago. The only challenge is that we seldom realize it. Even if we realize it, the realization may come a little too late. Now you may ask, once you have realized who you truly are do you require the pointers/ directions? You don't. You have realized the truth. You have realized who you truly are. However because of our habit/conditioning we fall back into ou

A lot can happen at a coffee shop, does it not?

The other day I was at a coffee shop. I ordered my coffee and went over to a comfortable chair in the corner. As I was making myself comfortable on the chair, through the corner of my eyes, I saw someone sitting across me whom I vaguely remembered. My mind went to work. It scanned the past memory as it usually does and provided me the picture. Now I remember him. We used to work together at the same firm over 12 years ago. He was one of those who was very ambitious, arrogant, annoying, demeaning and most often grumpy. suffice to say, I had to eject myself out of that firm and look for a job elsewhere and move on. Move on I certainly did. My initial response was to go meet him and say, hello.

Real Conversation has begun deep within her..

I was having a conversation about her life situation. She was someone I knew well and we catch up over a cup of coffee once in awhile. The conversation went well and she thanked me for the time and the productive discussion together which she thought will help her in her life situation. When parting she also made a comment that she was deeply hurt by some of the comments that her husband has been making about her. I smiled to her at that moment. She was intrigued not knowing why I was smiling. I requested her to order another coffee. I told her the real conversation begins now - You say you get hurt by others comments. So are all of us. Just step back for a moment and think this for yourself

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