Santosh Nambiar is the author of the well known book A NEW WAY OF LIVING published by Balboa Press USA, HAY HOUSE and author of LIFE A MEDITATION published by LM publications Australia. Santosh  has a background in Molecular Biology and an MBA from RMIT.


For the past several years Santosh has been speaking  and holding workshops and seminars on the below mentioned topics to audiences worldwide:


  • Simple but powerful common sense practice to recondition our brain to bring clarity, peace  and creativity in the demanding and chaotic world we live in today.

  • Live in the present and enjoy each moment to the full.

  • Quiet your mind’s incessant background chatter and deal with difficult thoughts and emotions.

  • Deal with  fear, anger, anxiety and stress and rediscover a life of well-being.

  • Brain management - Moving from Mediocrity to creativity. 

  • How to access your own innate intelligence for higher creativity.

  • End confusion and conflicts in your head and discover your own brain full of clarity and creativity in all aspects of your life.


Santosh is the founder of Life a Meditation. 

Santosh is also the founder  and MD of Assay Matrix Pty Ltd, a Biotech company based in Melbourne, Australia which supports the Life Science Research towards finding a cure for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and many other diseases.  

Santosh's lates book "In between thoughts" is now available in leading  book stores worlwide including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.